BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.0.125 Official

Setelah merilis Aplikasi Facebook for Blackberry, RIM merilis lagi aplikasi core Blackberry Messenger (BBM)  Versi

Key features of BBM connected applications include the ability to:

  • Share app experiences with friends – invite a BBM friend from across town or the world to join you in social game play, share restaurant suggestions, or collaborate through productivity apps – without leaving the app
  • Have a BBM chat within apps – invite your BBM friends to join a game to get the scores and start talking about the game within the app
  • Discover apps through friends – find new apps by viewing BBM connected apps that are automatically posted to a BBM friend’s profile
  • Show off – display status updates on your BBM profile such as app status updates, trophies, achievements, pushed data alerts and more

NOTE : Sebelum download Backup dulu contact BBM anda

Untuk info lanjut dan download BBM V silahkan menuju ke App World

Review : Tidak adanya menu “show what i’m listening to

Download Lokal OTA BBM

Downgrade BBM :


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